Gift of Reach

(c) 2020 BrowntulStar

"Gift of Reach" is a prototype puzzle game revolving around hitting objects to reveal hidden gifts in the subject's room. The player, constrained to a spot in the room, must use special balls to hit certain items in their room out of the way to reveal the glowing present that they've been looking for. They then must reeeeeeeach with their hand to grab it. 

The goal of this project was to explore the physics engine of Unity. Previously, for My First Game Jam Summer 2019 I experimented with the baseball physics in Guzman Home Run Derby. This time, I wanted to explore this further by making a puzzle game that relies on physics. This helped me learn more about programming in 3D spaces.



  • Mouse movement: Move
  • Mouse left click: Shoot projectile
  • Mouse scroll wheel: Switch projectiles
  • Up/down arrow keys: Switch projectiles
  • Mouse right click: Equit hand projectile

Made in Unity.

Release date Jul 25, 2020
GenrePuzzle, Shooter
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, My First Game Jam, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Heyyy I played your game and it was super fun that I reached the "Out Of Ideas" level hahaha!

Hardest level for me was back door, it took me quite a while to reach that green button XD But overall it was fun and challenging! ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)

Hey, nice prototype! I played it on a laptop with no middle mouse button, so I couldn't switch again to normal bullets once I equipped the hand :{ 

Hey tottori, thanks for your comment. This is good feedback actually- I think I should have made it more clear that you can scroll or use the arrow keys to change the projectiles. I'll need to make this more clear if I continue to work on the game. Thanks for your feedback!

Oh I see! I replayed it and made it past the big brain part :P thanks for the tip