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Concentration Training is a puzzle mini-game where participants memorize how many objects are in a panel. Based on the neurology research by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima and inspired by the concentration activities in Nintendo's Brain Age, this game tests your concentration and memory as the panels disappear briefly before prompting the user to remember the number of objects there were. As the game progresses, the objects start changing form and the panels begin to change speed, making the concentration difficult. How far can you go without losing concentration?



  • Mouse/Touch: Select menu options
  • Keyboard: Enter leaderboard name


  • Mouse/Touch: Press calculator button
  • Number Pad/Number Row: Press calculator button


  • Game not loading: Try using a different web browser or enabling cookies. Ensure your browser supports WebGL technology.
  • Mouse control is too hard: Try  using the number pad on your keyboard.

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