Barista Impact is a gacha-rolling simulator featuring your favorite Baristas and boba places!

(More description TBA)


(c) 2021 BrowntulStar. Made in Unity.

Roster (c) 2018-2021 Barista Family. Original Barista roster's images (c) 2019 Circle K International at UCI. Additional Baristas can be added upon request.

Inspired by Genshin Impact.

The boba stores mentioned have not endorsed this parody application.

Music based on MIDI by cwhazzoo.
Anime music based on song by Band Ja Naimon!
SFX from FoggySoft and Zero Rare (Levi Moore).
Some graphics from BayatGames.
Boba tiled background by Browntul.
Ditto tiled background from Tumblr Images.
Boba stores Orange County list by BobaLove, https://www.bobalove.com
Boba images from BobaLove and Yelp.
Coffee shop models from Puzzled Wizard.
Wooden Floor Materials by Casual2D.

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